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In Pursuit of Honor Triumph (for the Mountaintop)

  • In Pursuit of Honor Triumph (for the Mountaintop)
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Available Options

  • $70.00

  • Price in reward points: 7000

In Pursuit of Honor Triumph is Crucible achievement required for getting the Mountaintop Pinnacle Grenade Launcher.

In the Crucible Guardians must use Grenade Launchers to land final blows, rapidly defeat groups of two or more opponents, and earn "Calculated Trajectory" medals.

Note: The price includes full triumph completion. If you've managed to get some progress already by yourself - feel free to contact our manager via chat below.

We will setup custom order and decrease the price If there is any triumph progress.

You’ll get:

  1. In Pursuit of Honor Triumph
  2. 750 Grenade Launcher Final blows
  3. 75 rapidly defeated opponents
  4. 25 "Calculated Trajectory" Medals earned
  5. Crucible Legendary post matches drops
  6. Weapons and gear that might drop during the boost
  7. Fast and reliable boosting service

Service Requirements:

  • Completed Call to Arms Milestone
  • No special gear or weapons needed

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