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Gambit Infamy Reputation (Season 10)

  • Gambit Infamy Reputation (Season 10)
100% Garanteed order fulfillment
Cashback 1% for every purchase
Reward 2$ for the first order
Reward 4$ for register your account

Available Options

  • $20.00

  • Price in reward points: 2000

Players who participate in Gambit will earn Infamy, a progression-based ranking system where completing matches earns players points.

Completing any Gambit match will earn players Infamy, however winning matches will greatly increase Infamy earned. As players gain Infamy, they will unlock unique Gambit weapons and armor.

You’ll get:

  1. Desired Infamy Reputation
  2. Gambit rank-up rewards depend on your Reputation Rank (see gallery)
  3. Glimmer and materials

Service Requirments:

  • The "Spark" mission completed. Destiny 2 original Story Campaign mission
  • Forsaken DLC

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