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Crown of Sorrow Raid

  • Crown of Sorrow Raid
100% Garanteed order fulfillment
Cashback 1% for every purchase
Reward 2$ for the first order
Reward 4$ for register your account

Available Options

  • $49.00
  • $22.00

  • Price in reward points: 4900

The most affordable offer on the market – the spread is 29-50 USD, with the total average price of 35 USD among all major competitors.

We're going to visit the unexplored part of the Leviathan to solve its darkest secrets. Not to mention all the rewards you can get with that Raid completion – there are tons of powerful raid weapons and gear (amazing looks included).

Tarrabah Exotic Energy Submachine Gun may also be acquired as a Raid drop.

You’ll get:

  1. Crown of Sorrow Raid completion
  2. Powerful Raid Armor
  3. Powerful Raid Weapons
  4. A Raid completion Triumph
  5. A high chance to get an Exotic
  6. A chance to get Tarrabah Exotic Energy Submachine Gun (Rng-based)
  7. A lot of Gear and Weapons that might drop during the service

Service Requirements:

  • 720+ Power Level (can be provided by our Power Level service)
  • No special weapons or gear needed

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